Resident & Founding Members

Resident Members

Resident members are College of Liberal Arts faculty members who were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa as undergraduates at their home institutions. They comprise the body of Mercer's chapter, and they are authorized by the Society to conduct chapter business and to elect members in course.

Jose L. Balduz, Jr.
Dorothy R. BuchliPBK Key
Wallace L. Daniel
David A. Davis, Secretary/Treasurer
Jeffrey K. Denny, President
Abigail P. Dowling
Carl E. Findley III
Sarah E. Gardner
Amy E. Gratz
David P. Gushee
D. Randall Harshbarger
William J. Jenkins
Lori A. Johnson
M. Hope McIlwain
Dale E. Moore
Mary Alice Morgan, Vice President
Katharine V. Northcutt
Miranda Pratt, Historian
John Thomas Scott
Anna Krugovoy Silver
Rosalind S. Simson
Bryan J. Whitfield

Foundation Members

Foundation members have demonstrated their commitment to the ideals of the liberal arts, have invested themselves in the development of a Phi Beta Kappa chapter at Mercer, and have pledged to support and maintain the chapter in perpetuity.

Rosalynn Carter
D. Scott Davis
Cynthia Stroud Glance
R. Kirby Godsey
Keith E. Howard
Sarah E. May
William D. Underwood